Stop Corruption

On February 26, 2019, voters will have a rare opportunity to change the “Chicago Way” and end the culture of side deals and corruption. This election is the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Elizabeth supports the following measures to stop corruption.  And, she will listen to her constituents about ideas they have to clean up city government.


Elizabeth supports Mayoral and Aldermanic Term Limits - two terms max

It’s time to change ‘The Chicago Way’. Make your voice heard and vote for Elizabeth on February 26.

It’s time to change ‘The Chicago Way’. Make your voice heard and vote for Elizabeth on February 26.


Did you know that city employees receive pension for life at 70% of their salary? Aldermen are different, they receive 80% after 20 years of service.  In other words, Alderman elected to 5 terms will receive pension for life at 80% of their ending salary.


If the Chicago City Council is serious about taking on pension debt, they must show they have skin in the game.  Aldermanic term limits will be a solid first step in pension reform. 


Did you know that since retiring in 2003, our former 44th Ward Alderman has received more than $1.3 million in pension benefits? 


The Chicago City Council was intended to be an independent legislative body, but it sure doesn’t act like it. For the most part, the Mayor pushes legislation down to them, sometimes with little notice, then, they cast their vote accordingly.  Alderman Tunney rarely opposed either Mayor he served under.  I won't serve a Mayor or any special interest, but I will serve my constituents fairly and unconditionally.


Elizabeth supports TIF Reform (Tax Increment Financing).  The city collects roughly $500 million each year in TIF revenue. While it is intended to support blighted communities, it rarely does. She supports a one-two year moratorium on TIF spending while the City Council runs a full audit of the program, while in the meantime using the money collected during that time to pay down pension debt and provide direct funding for schools, with the caveat that schools are fully transparent about how the money will be used.  


  • Elizabeth pledges to serve no more than two terms

  • Elizabeth pledges to serve as a full time Alderman with no outside employment

  • Elizabeth pledges to put the interests of the 44th Ward residents over any special interest or the Mayor

  • Elizabeth pledges to provide unconditional service to all residents, businesses and non-profits in the 44th Ward


  • Alderman Tunney has been in office for too long and has shown that he cares more about political interests than those of his constituents 

  • Alderman Tunney voted for a historic $500 million property tax increase that has caused Lakeview property taxes to skyrocket by more than 30 percent 

  • Alderman Tunney voted to lease one of the city’s greatest assets - our parking meters 

  • When asked if he would support reformer Fritz Kaegi over incumbent Joe Berrios in the race for Tax Assessor, Alderman Tunney took a neutral position instead of fighting for the 44th Ward

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