Support Needed to Beat Opponent's relentless Effort to Knock Elizabeth off Ballot

Austin Baidas is afraid of losing to a woman. That’s right. In December, he asked me to withdraw from the race and endorse him. When I told him no, he filled objections the valid signatures I collected.

Despite me beating his objections and having more than the required number during my Board of Elections hearing, he isn’t backing down. Now he is using dirty tricks by asking individuals who signed my petitions to revoke their signatures.

I’m not backing down - but I need your help to fight back.

Legal counsel to defend my petitions is costly, so in order to fight this, I need financial support.

Every donation - no matter how small - helps. Please donate now.

Press Release: Shydlowski to Tunney: Voters Deserve a Choice in 44th Ward

Dec. 4, 2018


Shydlowski to Tunney: Voters Deserve a Choice in 44th Ward

Says Tunney lacks courage to face voters

Only woman running in 44th Ward 

LAKEVIEW — Elizabeth Shydlowski, candidate for Alderman in Chicago’s 44th Ward, today called on Appointed Alderman Tom Tunney and political insiders to drop their baseless petition challenges against her in the general election on Feb. 26, 2019. Charles Schutt, a Tunney precinct committeeman and donor, filed the objection on Tunney’s behalf. Schutt employed the same dirty trick in 2015 as well. 

This should be no surprise to the women and moms who live in the ward. Tom Tunney has consistently made anti-women and anti-family decisions throughout his lackluster time in office.

“Appointed Alderman Tom Tunney is afraid voters will choose someone else when given the choice. It’s clear he doesn’t want a woman on a ballot. And it’s clear he doesn’t have the courage defend his record of higher taxes and higher crime,” said Elizabeth, the only woman and mom running in the 44th Ward. “I’m calling on Appointed Alderman Tom Tunney to drop his groundless challenge. Voters deserve a choice in this election.”

Elizabeth and her team of petition circulators, which consisted of nearly all parents, submitted more than the required number of valid signatures to the Chicago Board of Elections. 

For the last 23 years, Elizabeth and her family have called Chicago home, including the last four in the 44th Ward. The only woman in the race, she is running to bring safer streets and stronger schools to the 44th Ward and sensible solutions to City Hall. She has spent 25 years working working for Democrats and Republicans and non-profits to improve government services and to help people in need. 

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