Why I’m running for Alderman in Chicago’s 44th Ward


My name is Elizabeth Shydlowski, and I'm running for Alderman of the 44th Ward.

I tell my three children that if they want something to change, instead of sitting around, they should get up and do something about it. So, I decided to lead by example. 

I'm concerned about what I see happening in Lakeview and throughout Chicago: Property taxes skyrocketing, crime on the rise, and political games played constantly.

I’ve spent the last 25 years working with both parties to improve our city and state. This has prepared me for all it will take to to serve on the Chicago City Council — especially at this critical time in our city. 


When the establishment runs unopposed, they lose accountability.

As 44th Ward Alderman, I will fight for our First Responders so they have everything they need to do their job. I will provide residents and businesses with unconditional support, advocate against bureaucracy and be the strongest voice in City Hall against any additional tax increases.

It is time for new ideas. It is time to question the rate of return on our tax dollars. And it is time to address the root cause of our problems instead of bandaid approaches and borrowing.